Gili Gede - Southern Gilis, Lombok | PRIVATE VILLAS
Gili Gede - Southern Gilis, Lombok | PRIVATE VILLAS
Gili Gede - Southern Gilis, Lombok | PRIVATE VILLAS
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Private Villas KoKoMo Gili Gede

Southern Gilis, Lombok



By Land Transfer + Speed Boat:

Private transfer service from Lombok International airport; Then you get in Gili Gede can be reach by Speed boat from Tembowong harbor in day light.


By Fast boat (Include shuttle service) :

Gili Getaway Fast boat company services is the only fast boat that comes to Kokomo Villas, Gili Gede and has a daily service; that you can arrange depart from your hotel located in Bali.


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Gili Getaway is a direct transport service to and from Bali and Gili Trawangan without stopping in Padang Bai, Nusa Lembongan or Sengiggi.

We leave from Serangan Harbor, Bali and go DIRECTLY to Gili Trawangan without stopping at any other port or location. The trip will take between 2 – 2hr 15mins depending on Sea conditions. We will stop in Gili Air or Lombok after we drop off Trawangan guests but the boat will always travel DIRECT between Bali and Gili Terawangan.

As from the 1st February 2016 Gili Getaway will also be the only fast boat that can transport you from Bali to Gili Gede as well as from Gili Trawangan to Gili Gede. Day trips are also possible from Gili T to Gili Gede and back.


Gili Gede is positioned in a stunningly sheltered location, with beautiful stretches of beach all nestled in a natural cove, a truly unspoiled paradise

– A cruising ground for yachts and other pleasure craft, which will only be enhanced by the development of a proposed international standard marina– A surfing mecca with one of the world’s most coveted top 20 waves a 10 minute speedboat ride away – Desert Point / Bangko Bangko– An excellent coral reef system for diving and snorkeling both on Gili Gede and the surrounding 15 islands.

– A climate with only 4 months of rainfall and a balmy temperature of 28 degrees all year round

– Close proximity to Lombok Island (the mainland) – which has an existing tourism industry and many natural & spectacular attractions– A culture which is unique and stable… with local people full of warmth and ready invitations to share their beautiful land with visitors

– A fishing playground with an abundance of marlin, salmon and other game fishing.

– Gili Gede is 90 minutes by fast boat to Bali; it is also 45 minutes to the hugely popular party islands of the northern Gilli’s


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General requirements :

1. Applicable Card Types: All types of Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card and others) are not included in the Corporate Card.

2. Full payment is made through PayPal online, transactions charges 3.9% by PayPal is added from the total amount paid (online invoice send to you after we received your booking confirmation).

3. E-hotel voucher will be sending to your email address upon completion of a payment and only applies once according to the service stated on the voucher.


Please send your message and our staff will contact you promptly.

WhatsApp: +6281916246288

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